Accreditations & Recognitions

The Australian International College of Language (AICOL) has granted permission to Red Kangaroo (Vietnam) - to deliver its "methods for teaching English to speakers of other languages" training package, in Ho Chi Minh City. Since the TESOL course in Vietnam is brought to you by The Australia-Vietnam School of English (AVSE), in collaboration with AICOL, whose parent company is Red Kangaroo (Vietnam), our TESOL certification is guaranteed to be of high quality and recognized all over the world.


The Australian International College of Language, or AICOL, is 100% accredited by the Australian government. It operates as a Registered Training Organization (RTO). All TESOL certifications awarded by the AICOL are included within the Australian Qualifications Framework’s (AQF) jurisdiction, thus providing high quality and internationally recognized teacher training.

Students who complete our TESOL training package in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, will receive their internationally recognized TESOL certification enabling them to travel the world teaching English as a second language.

This certification is internationally accepted, which means you now have the job flexibility to travel to countries you’ve always dreamt of going to, while making some good money at the same time.

Quality Assurance

AVSE is well known for keeping up the highest standards of excellence in regards to its TESOL training programs and its enrolled students in Ho Chi Minh City. We have proven time and time again that we will always do the right thing for our students, and have gained the trust and support of our past students, now active English teachers working in different countries around the world. We understand that choosing to take a TEFL course is a big step, and that students who enroll with us have expectations regarding their experience here. We stop at nothing to make sure these expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Specifically, AVSE has put strategies into place that systematically ensure the complete satisfaction of our students. We do everything we can to provide dependable customer service by always being available to listen and resolve any issues, and our TEFL program is under constant review to guarantee only the best practices survive.

We are never stagnant; we are ever-changing, ever-developing, and ever-improving to make sure we provide the best possible educational experience for our trainees.

On-going Improvement

At AVSE, we always strive to create an environment where students feel safe, intellectually stimulated, and ultimately valued. Here are some ways in which we continue to make improvements:

  • We put our policies and procedures through constant review to weed out any questionable policies and strengthen ones that are effective.
  • We evaluate every member of the staff twice a year.
  • We interface with the Ministry of Education and Training.
  • We welcome feedback and suggestions from stakeholders regarding what we are doing well and what we could do better.
  • We thoroughly check every situation that arises and take immediate action to correct.
  • We enlist independent auditors.
  • We measure our performance against our competitors to guarantee the highest level of quality.

Global Recognition

While many TESOL programs out there claim they are internationally recognized, AVSE and AICOL’s TESOL program in Vietnam is one of the few programs of its kind that is actually recognized globally. This is important to note, as there are many factors involved in international accreditation and your career prospects at the end of the course may be significantly affected by your choice of institution.

The global recognition status of our TESOL program derives from the following:

  • The AICOL is 100% registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQF) as Registered Training Provider #32060.
  • Certificate IV from our TESOL 40649SA Training Package is accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), which is part of the Australian government.
  • AICOL has been approved by the Australian government to award Certificate IV through the TESOL 40649SA Training Package in Vietnam.
  • AVSE’s parent company has obtained permission from the AICOL to administer the TESOL program in Vietnam.

Australian law has jurisdiction over the Australian Skills Quality Authority, Registered Training Organizations, Australian Qualifications Framework, and training packages in Australia. Furthermore, the AQF’s certificates, diplomas, degrees, and other certifications (including the TESOL training package’s Certificate IV) are recognized and accepted all over the world and meticulously controlled for quality. All this adds up to a fully official and legally acknowledged, highly effective training course for the TESOL.

British Council

Largely considered the paramount global authority in English as a Second Language (ESL) education, the British Council maintains and upholds standards for TEFL program graduates and English language schools. The British Council standards for a potential English teacher are as follows:
1. All course tasks must be administered by a reputable outside source.
2. The TEFL course must have at least 100 contact hours.
3. The TEFL course must have a minimum of 6 hours of critically assessed practice in teaching.

As such, our TESOL course in Ho Chi Minh City offered by AVSE exceeds the standards set by the British Council, thus making it one of the most sought after teacher training qualification in Vietnam and overseas.

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