Teaching English in Vietnam

Vietnam has one of the most boisterous and fastest growing economies on the globe, and Vietnam offers English teachers an incomparable and unmatchable combination of booming cities, ancient practices, visual beauty, and a lot of vibrancy in a nation that is constantly on the move as well. The people are very friendly as well, the food is amazing, and the cost of living is so low that the average teacher can expect to set aside about $500 each month.

A Developing Country with Importance to English

The mention of Vietnam conjures different images for people, including the painful memories of the Vietnam War. To those who are familiar with the country’s current state of affairs, however, Vietnam is much more than the setting of a well-known tragedy—it is a beautiful, welcoming, and ever-developing land that has as much to offer its inhabitants as it has historical significance.

There is a great deal of momentum in Vietnam regarding English education, with families and schools clamoring to start teaching English to younger and younger children. As a result, there are a great number of Language Centers, International Schools, and even English Language Kindergartens that are popping up all over the country. The English education industry is thriving, and as a result there is an abundance of jobs for TEFL-certified teachers. It is not uncommon for qualified teachers to find work in a reputable school within just a few days of beginning their job search. Additionally, Vietnam offers more flexibility than other comparable countries in that you can often choose between a full-time contract (which typically requires you to work about 20-25 hours a week) and several part-time contracts, depending on your preferences.

Finding the Job of your Dreams

There are many different ways to obtain a great job teaching English in Vietnam, but two recommended methods are through online job listings and personal introductions. You can find hundreds of available jobs posted online, and if your application is approved, you will most likely need to go through an in-person interview. Personal introductions are an ideal way to score a job as this instills an inherent sense of trust in the employer. At AVSE, we take pride in our ability to offer personalized job introductions to our graduates.

Teaching English in Vietnam

Requirements for Teaching English In Vietnam?

Most reputable schools, businesses, and institutions require that their teachers be native English speakers, hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree, and be TEFL certified. Some employers may ask for prior experience, but this is not common as most employers consider English fluency and a TEFL certification to be the most important.

Teaching Opportunities in Vietnam

There are a lot of jobs available in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, DaNang, and Hanoi. There are also TEFL positions throughout the smaller cities and towns throughout Vietnam as well. There are adults, children, and university students that you can teach in Vietnam. There are positions available year-round too. The length of most contracts is about 12 months. There are full-time and part-time teaching schedules available.

  • Language Schools/Centers: This is the most common type of institution that actively hires native English teachers. Both full-time and part-time work can be found at most language schools.
  • Public Middle/High Schools: Public schools usually require a full-time schedule and that you stick to a set curriculum. This is a good choice if you like repetition and stability.
  • Universities: A teaching position at a university comes with status and oftentimes higher pay. This is ideal for those who would rather teach older students.
  • Companies and Corporations: Teaching business English may require a special skill set or knowledge in certain business terms and concepts.
  • English-language Kindergartens: In this environment, your ability to put together short, engaging yet educationally beneficial lessons will come in very handy as you will be dealing with young children with short attention spans.
This is a country that is redefining itself in terms of vibrancy and vitality. There are millions of people here that are part of this booming economy, and many of them want to learn English.
English Teaching Practical Component

English Teaching Salaries in Vietnam

There is no doubt that English teachers are in high demand right now in Vietnam. In addition, Vietnam is now one of the highest-paying countries in Southeast Asia. Native English speaking teachers earn, on average, $15-$25/hour with universities and businesses paying up to $25-$40/hour. While this may not seem like an exorbitant amount of money at first glance, the important thing to remember is Vietnam’s cost of living. Here’s a hint: it’s cheap. Rent, which is the biggest ongoing expense for most people, is just around $200 to $300 per month for a comfortable, Western-style living space. Other standard costs such as food and entertainment are just a fraction of what they would be in Western countries such as the United States or Canada.

At around $2 for a casual yet hearty meal and just $0.50 for a fresh brewed beer, how can you go wrong? Teaching English in Vietnam is the perfect way to branch out, experience an exciting new locale, and bulk up your savings account in the process.

Extra Benefits of Teaching in Vietnam

Vietnam has more than 80 million people, and they have a huge economy that is growing very rapidly. There are a lot of opportunities to educate in this country. More cool for you as a visitor though will be the wonders of nature that you get to experience on a daily basis when you are taking a TEFL course or teaching English there.

Most full-time teaching positions in Vietnam require 20-30 hours of work per week, though you can negotiate several part-time gigs instead. This leaves plenty of free time to try the local cuisine, catch some exotic shows, and explore the world famous tourist attractions.

Many schools assist their teachers with things like visa sponsorship and renewal, finding a place to live, and even getting around town. In addition, overtime is guaranteed at many places and paid vacation time and a comprehensive benefits package can be negotiated at the time of signing.

The people of Vietnam are also amazing in their resilience, perseverance, energy, and tenacity. They are always working, engaging, and building. It is truly an enlightening experience to come to this country and see these people firsthand versus just reading about them from afar, studying Vietnamese history, or looking at natural wonders in some pictures.

There are also some breathtaking landscapes in Vietnam. There are many World Heritage Sites in Vietnam. There are several scenes of intense beauty there too. The people in Vietnam are pretty enigmatic, elegant and sweet. You will definitely be able to carry those memories back home with you when you return from Vietnam. Or, perhaps why even think about returning!

What Next?

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