4 Week Face-to-face TESOL Certification

The Australia-Vietnam School of English (AVSE) in collaboration with Australian International College of Language (AICOL) offers internationally recognized, Australian Government accredited TESOL certification in Ho Chi Minh City

Our popular TESOL course covers a total of 150 in-class study hours over the span of 4 weeks. This includes top quality instruction from qualified teachers, as well as the opportunity to practice with actual Vietnamese students. Our certification program surpass the standards of excellence set forth by the British Council, and one of a few programs of its kind that is truly recognized at the international level, thereby providing the required qualification and hands-on experience you need to secure high paid teaching jobs in Vietnam and abroad.

TESOL Students with Peter

Course Objectives

Our two principle objectives are:

  • To provide high quality TEFL training, so that we can train our students for a successful teaching career.
  • Also, cater to new and existing ESL teachers by providing them with both teaching knowledge and practical experience.

Furthermore, upon graduation, you will find yourself to have become a skilled, well-rounded English teacher, and:

  • You will be well-versed in creating an engaging, hands-on classroom environment.
  • You will be skilled at managing a classroom.
  • You will be aware of the fundamentals of language use and analysis.
  • You will know much about teaching theory and how to apply it to practical situations.
  • You will know how to identify learning difficulties or disabilities in your students and construct appropriate and helpful plans to help.
Our primary goal is to provide prospective TESOL professionals and ESL teaches with all the tools and information they need to have a long and successful career in the field of English education.
TEFL Classroom, Vietnam

Real Time Teaching Practice

Our TESOL course actually includes 20 hours of teaching experience. For the first 10 hours you'll be paired with an ESL teacher whom you'll observe and participate in his (or her) classes, giving you feel for what it is like working as an ESL teacher. After finishing the first 10 hours of class observation, you'll be then completing a minimum of 6 to 10 hours of critical assessed teaching practice, where you get to apply what you have learned through your instructor and books to actual students who are in the process of completing various study programs.

You will interact with either your fellow classmates and take turns leading a class or actual Vietnamese students who are studying English as a second language.

This real time teaching component is a great way to practice what you have learned right away, giving trainees a glimpse into what teaching a class is actually like. This means that the two key components of learning - theoretical and practical - are both met in the course of this four week program.

Real time teaching practice

Entry Requirements

While previous teaching experience and university qualifications are valued, neither is a core requirement to gain admission to our TESOL in Vietnam program.

The core entry requirements are as follows:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age on the day the course starts
  • You must be proficient in all aspects of English
  • You must have completed secondary education to pre-university level


The assessment methods for the TESOL course are as follows:

  • 10 hours of observing 'real' ESL classes
  • 10 hours of teaching practice with 'real' students
  • Written lesson plans related to the teaching practice classes
  • Written essays on set topics
  • Journal of practicum experience
  • Professional understanding & conduct

Accreditation and Recognition

The Australian International College of Language, or AICOL, is 100% accredited by the Australian government. It operates as a Registered Training Organization (RTO), and TESOL certifications handed out by the AICOL are included within the Australian Qualifications Framework’s (AQF) jurisdiction. This means that the AICOL’s TESOL certification is guaranteed to be of high quality and recognized all over the world.

AVSE is well known for keeping up the highest standards of excellence and has put strategies into place that systematically ensure the complete satisfaction of our students. In short, we are always striving to improve and make sure you are getting the best possible education and experience from our institution.

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Job Placement, Assistance and Guarantee

The English education market is experiencing a surge in popularity, and Vietnam is leading the way with its wealth of qualified teachers and eager students. At AVSE, we believe our job does not end with simply providing you with in-class instruction. We will stand by you through the entire process, and that includes job placement after graduation!

We offer hands-on support including help with your Curriculum Vitae, providing references, and even providing personal introductions to great schools that are seeking employees. We will work with you until you get the job you want.

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What Next?

If you'd like further information, feel free to email us, or submit your application to begin this exciting journey of learning new culture and language while you teach and earn!

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